Console, mics & preamps for sale

I'm going to be letting go of my Audient Zen - the perfect solution for tracking/summing & mixing in rooms where space is a consideration. It's everything I was using on my larger ASP8024 console, just in a smaller footprint (only 70cm wide, with 16 mic ins/16 DAW ins/16 line ins ALL ON XLR + 16 XLR direct outs and inserts on every channel) Plus it has moving faders/automation & transport control and  a digital output option up to 96kHz. Excellent cue and monitor section (3 sets of speakers), built in talkback, onboard stereo bus compressor - same as 8024, but with added parallel compression and can be inserted independently on any stereo pair of channels or stereo subgroup. Mic pres are the same as the 8024 pres.

If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, please get in touch. It's been really well looked after in a smoke-free environment.

I also have a matched pair of Earthworks QTC40's and some 500 series mic pres (Great River x 2 and API x 2) for sale. And an Audient Mico, still in its box....