The Mastering Process

The best analogy I can find for the mastering process is a visual one. A flower reaching full bloom. Richer, fuller, brighter - more beautiful than before...

Mastering is one of the most critical parts of the audio production process, the final bridge from the studio to the listener. As budgets get tighter and recordings are made in less than ideal environments, mastering services have never been more important. Using a combination of a set of experienced ears and a selection of the finest analog hardware & digital processing, the mastering session is the last chance to get your project sounding its best before manufacturing. 


The Engineer


Keith Farquharson has a wealth of experience, drawn from over 25 years in the music industry. An accomplished musician and award-winning engineer, Keith has that special talent essential to success in the mastering field - an ability to understand the artist's creative concepts. It is the natural skill of a true musician's engineer. Having worked with numerous top flight African artists, Keith's expertise runs across many genres of modern recorded music. 

Recent clients include Freshlyground, Oliver Mtukudzi, Jono Smithers, Stealing Copper, Mann Friday (just signed to V2/Universal in Europe) , Alexio Kawara, Lufuno Dagada, Robin Levetan and Chiwoniso. 


The Equipment

Monitoring & Conversion

    • Focal SM9 Active Reference Monitors
    • Focal CMS40 Nearfield Monitors
    • Lynx Aurora 16 ADDA converters
    • Lynx AES-16e Digital Interface

    Analog Hardware 

    • Vertigo VSC-2 Quad Discrete VCA Compressor
    • Avalon VT747sp Vacuum Tube Twin Opto-Compressor-Equalizer
    • Waves L2 Ultramaximizer - Analog Limiter
    • Dangerous Bax EQ - Stereo Mastering Equalizer

    Digital Processing

    • Universal Audio/Sonnox/Soundtoys/Pro Audio DSP/Kush - and more....


    • Audient Zen Analog Console with Moving Faders